HSS Horse Scanning System

The way to a healthy horse

Independent expert advice in health analysis and magnetic field therapy:

Isabell and Heidrun Kruttke


Many years of experience with horses and technically advanced systems make a perfect team in the prevention and root cause research of your horse's imbalances.


Through constant training and further education, we guarantee you competence in questions concerning the health management of your horse.



Our concept for you


Every horse owner wants nothing more than that his four-legged friend is fine. How can this be done and what can be done for it?


Many factors are crucial to maintaining good health. This includes on the one hand the right choice of the stable and the trainer and on the other a veterinarian of trust and the corresponding clinic, alternative practitioner, osteopath / chiropractor / acupuncture, saddler, dentist and blacksmith. 

Using state-of-the-art technology, such as that provided by the EAVet analysis system, it is possible to detect at an early stage whether the health of your horse has developed in the wrong direction or has already developed. In this case, we take care of the cells in the organism and can thus provide help for self-help. We are happy to work together with your experts. The aim is to stimulate the self-healing powers through naturopathic and information-medical treatment, so that the body is able to heal itself. Therefore, not only the symptom is treated, but the cause is sought and tried to be eliminated.

For us, the path to a healthy horse means that your horse is in the foreground and we want to give you the best possible support for keeping healthy. We stand for early detection and prevention. In addition, we can also help you with the choice of food and additives by means of testing. 

Through cause research and regulation, energetic imbalances in the body can be detected and remedied in good time.


If you would like to know more about these possibilities of cause research and treatment, we look forward to hearing from you.


More information can be found under Metavital Horse System and Metavital Horse demonstration video on our facebook page.