Information medicine in veterinary medicine


The genetic blueprint of higher developed mammals does not differ in

principle from ours. Thus, the complementary information medicine can also be

applied in the treatment of horses. The project idea of a holistic-systemic

diagnosis and treatment using biophotons resulted in "the smallest

veterinary clinic in the world". The so-called EAVET Metavital Horse

Scanning System is a diagnostic and therapy system for holistic therapy in

horses. Multidimensional Non-Linear Spectrography (MNLS) uses a biophoton-based analysis method unique in veterinary medicine.


It recognizes early information deficits in the cell and organ communication as well as burdens of the examined organism. As a result, it provides the therapist with concrete information about the energetic state of the organ, tissue and cell frequencies of the horse, without any diagnostic



Information medical therapy


1. Meta-correction (animate the cells with the correct frequencies).

2. Swinging of correct tissues and organ frequencies into or on suitable ones

    Carrier media such as water, alcohol, chip or globules.

3. In the case of allergies, infestation of parasites, pathologies, etc., swinging up

    from inverted frequencies to weaken and eliminate the polluter.


The chip loaded with the frequencies is glued into the mane and is effective for several weeks.

Liquids or globules are usually sprayed on the mucous membranes 1 to 3 times a day.