Feed testing for compatibility and benefits


Many horse owners feed a wealth of supplementary feed u.a. in the form of muesli, mash, dietary supplements, mineral feeds, preparations for muscle growth and promotion of hoof growth. On the one hand this is a not inconsiderable cost factor and on the other hand the question arises, are these supplementary feeds really all meaningful?


Dietary supplements, mineral feeds, muscle building supplements, etc. are among the orthomolecular products. They serve to maintain the health and the treatment of diseases by changing the concentrations of substances in the organism that are normally present in the organism and are necessary for health.


What the body normally can do, namely to repel pathogens, to repair injuries, to eliminate toxins, to regenerate organ functions; in short, all that keeps our animals alive in spite of all attacks on their health, all of these self-sustaining forces are optimized by the appropriate orthomolecular micronutrients.


Today, changes in diet and nutrition often lead to latent deficiencies that can develop into chronic diseases over time.


With the help of the EAVet system, we can test your food for compatibility and benefits for your horse and put together the right nutrients for your horse. This will save you unnecessary costs and your horse will get the optimal care it needs.


Please note, however, that the test result is created individually only for your horse and that no statement is made about the quality and effectiveness of the selected feed.




VitaPro - Natural nutritional supplement to stabilize the immune system and prevent metabolic diseas




Test of VitaPro in different organs for compatibility and benefits



Control after 1-week supplementation of VitaPro



Follow-up over a period from 09.08. until 27.08.2017




Test of EquiPhyt Sport (dietary supplement to build muscle





Success depends, inter alia. directly from which nutritional supplement products are fed to the sports partner horse.


An analysis with the EAVet system provides accurate and reliable results, which product can be the best for your horse.


Testing into the mitochondrial membrane on our own horses with the EAVet system shows e.g. "EquiPhyt Sport" shows how big the positive effect on the muscles can be.