EAVET Metavital Horse system. The innovative analysis system for horses


Early detection is the keyword here. 

Traditional knowledge and state-of-the-art technology make it possible.


Finally, know what your horse is missing. EAVET METAVITAL Horse is the mouthpiece of your horse. The measurement is carried out using a triggering system for photons via a measuring sensor, the so-called Wave-Detector. This is easily attached to the halter before the Ganaschen and is not directly felt by the horse. The measurement results are displayed on a high-resolution display as a virtual organ image. The bioenergetic analysis method provides concrete statements about the energetic state of the organ, tissue and cell frequencies of the horse - without any "diagnostic acrobatics". In information medicine is spoken of the so-called degree of deviation; i.e. A weakened cell deviates from its normal state. The method is fast and the complete examination is completed in most cases within 60 min.